Oil Sands

California is a better market for Trans Mountain-transported crude than Asia

  • TMX’s terminal port cannot receive super tankers, reducing competitiveness in Asia
  • California’s heavy crude output is declining
  • Albertan crudes will become increasingly competitive against Mexico’s Maya in PADD 5
  • Blending with Bakken crudes would let Albertan crudes replace declining Alaskan output
  • Californian fuel standards give oil sands operators that are lowering carbon intensity an edge
  • WCS in pole position to become new heavy sour benchmark in the U.S.
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Energy Company Impairment Charges Down in U.S.

Canada appears likely to follow the same decline. But the oil sands is a wild card

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Senate Energy Committee Visits Western Canada for Low Carbon Economy Study

The Senate of Canada’s committee on Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources recently completed a week-long, fact-finding tour of Western Canada

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Minister of Transformation: Alberta’s Environment Minister On Her Changing Role—And The Province’s

Shannon Phillips is at the center of Alberta's transition into a carbon-conscious energy producer. But how far will she go?

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Unifor, the Dinosaur

Random drug and alcohol testing protects the human and labor rights of all employees. Unions should stop fighting progress

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Is the U.S. Finally Changing Its Tune on the Oil Sands?

When you have only one customer for your product, that customer is always right. Even when that customer is acting hypocritically, which is the case with the Canada-U.S. energy relationship today

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Suncor Wraps up COS Takeover

Suncor Offer to COS Shareholders Expires – 84 Percent of Shares Tendered

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