How Industry Is Increasing Pipeline Capacity Without Building New Pipelines

Industry has failed to build pipelines like Keystone XL, but midstreamers have still managed to add 570,000 barrels of new liquids capacity

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His Invention Could Save the Oil Sands. But Will Anyone Give It a Chance?

Cal Broder's BitCrude invention sounds too good to be true. But it may just transform the oil sands forever.

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The Next Wave: Why oil and LNG aren’t the only fuels heading to the West Coast

Canadian propane and butane could soon be shipped via rail links to export terminals in Oregon and Washington state

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An integrated strategy makes Suncor Energy the industry’s top performer

The largest producer in Canada is now also the most profitable

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Alliance Pipeline denies plan to convert pipelines to ship oil

Ziff Energy's director of gas services recently speculated about the move

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How oilfield service companies can survive ongoing cost inflation

In this market, firms must look to lean management and productivity to stay ahead

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