California is a better market for Trans Mountain-transported crude than Asia

  • TMX’s terminal port cannot receive super tankers, reducing competitiveness in Asia
  • California’s heavy crude output is declining
  • Albertan crudes will become increasingly competitive against Mexico’s Maya in PADD 5
  • Blending with Bakken crudes would let Albertan crudes replace declining Alaskan output
  • Californian fuel standards give oil sands operators that are lowering carbon intensity an edge
  • WCS in pole position to become new heavy sour benchmark in the U.S.
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Alberta Government Eyes Geothermal Fix to Abandoned Well Crisis

AB considers converting disused wells to geothermal energy systems. Oil firm to coproduce oil and geothermal heat in Saskatchewan - two firsts for Canada.

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Emissions Omissions: The Lopsided Debate Over Alberta’s “Dirty Oil” Label

The notion that oil sands produce North America's most emissions-intensive product is accepted as fact. And yet, many U.S. fields go under the radar

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The Dramatic Rise Of U.S. Oil Production (And What It Means For Canada)

What was once a question of meeting demand is now a question of managing a surplus of supply

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Is This The End Of The U.S. Oil Boom?

U.S. shale oil production has peaked, productivity gains have flatlined and the cheap money has all but disappeared. Has the U.S. shale gale finally blown over?

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C-Suite Energy Executive Awards HR Executive of the Year: Lisa Ower

How Enerplus HR executive Lisa Ower turned around a corporate culture beset by an identity crisis, micromanagement and a communications breakdown

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Fight Or Flight: Delta Suspends Service To North Dakota Amid Oil Rout

The airline is suspending service between Minneapolis and North Dakota as demand for flights nosedives

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