Keystone XL-erated: The Most Hated Pipeline in North America is Back

Before the Dakota Access pipeline protests, there was Keystone XL. Now it’s back, and suddenly it’s finding favor with decision makers everywhere

No Pipelines, No Peace

Anti-oil activism is growing in North America. Where will that leave Canada’s pipeline plans?

The $160-Billion Bet on Petrochemicals

Shale NGLs are providing low-cost feedstock for booming ethane and propane industries

The Red Chamber Reaches Out on Canada’s Energy Future

Our interview with Richard Neufeld, Chair of the Senate Committee on Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources

Will Canada Quit Its Low-Carbon Diet?

The Donald Trump administration threatens to leave progressive energy economies, like Canada’s, out in the cold. But how serious is the threat, really?

Nova Scotia Harnesses the Power of the Sea

The maritime province has fired up a two-megawatt tidal power turbine in the Bay of Fundy

Who Will Feed the Chinese Dragon?

Will China walk away from Canadian energy or double down on its $50 billion investment?

CIO of the Year: Michael Han

COO of the Year: Myles Bosman

Chief Legal Officer of the Year: Cameron Proctor

The 2017 C-Suite Energy Executive Awards

Introducing the class of 2017…

Chairperson of the Year: David Cornhill

CEO of the Year: Steve Williams

CFO of the Year: David Dyck

HR Executive of the Year: Melody Appelman

Public Affairs Executive of the Year: Alan Boras

Supply Chain Executive of the Year: Patrick Etokudo

A Brief History of the Canadian Carbon Tax

Carbon taxes have more sources than our current politics would have you believe

Power to the People (If They Pay for It)

Sergio Marchi, CEO of the Canadian Electricity Association, on Canadian electricity markets

How Royalty Firms Take the Risk Out of the Barrel

Land royalty firms are picking up non-core assets while avoiding capital or operational expenditures to de-risk the oil industry for their investors


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