The 2017 C-Suite Energy Executive Awards

Introducing the class of 2017…

Chairperson of the Year: David Cornhill

CEO of the Year: Steve Williams

CFO of the Year: David Dyck

HR Executive of the Year: Melody Appelman

Public Affairs Executive of the Year: Alan Boras

Supply Chain Executive of the Year: Patrick Etokudo

A Brief History of the Canadian Carbon Tax

Carbon taxes have more sources than our current politics would have you believe

Power to the People (If They Pay for It)

Sergio Marchi, CEO of the Canadian Electricity Association, on Canadian electricity markets

How Royalty Firms Take the Risk Out of the Barrel

Land royalty firms are picking up non-core assets while avoiding capital or operational expenditures to de-risk the oil industry for their investors

Can Insuring Unpaid Invoices Stop the Cascade of Energy Bankruptcies?

Accounts receivable insurance offers peace of mind in hard times.
But is it really worth it?

How the Big Banks Are Weathering the Downturn

The major financial institutions are certainly weathering this commodities slump better than those before it. But can we say the same about the oil patch?

All signs point to oil’s growth, but there may be detours along the way

OPEC and the International Energy Agency agree that there’s nothing to fear from the electric car—yet

What is the Fate of Keystone XL?

With a Republican president in the White House, all may not be lost for the TransCanada project

The 2016 Year in Review

In Canada and around the world, 2016 will go down as one of the toughest years on record for the energy industry and its dependent economies. These were some of the stories that mattered most

The biggest deals of 2016

Oil hits—and quits—its one-year high

Iran surprises the world with record oil output

Suncor is king of the oil sands castle

The “worst year ever” for Canadian oil drillers