Oilwell Drillers’ Association President Remembers Life Before Energy Politics

Mark Scholz helped found the precursor to the Wildrose Party and went on to found the CAODC's “Oil Respect” campaign

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The Alberta Government Has a 10-Year Plan To Reclaim Tailings Ponds

The Alberta's government’s relcamation directive is on track for early completion

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Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance CEO Dan Wicklum on the Inevitability of Carbon-Neutral Oil

COSIA CEO Dan Wicklum explains why he believes a carbon-neutral barrel of oil isn’t just theoretically possible—it’s coming.

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Seven Generations Buys a Big Chunk of Paramount Resources’ Montney Stake

Paramount is trying to avoid $80-million termination fee

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Why Alberta Won’t Be Receiving Transfer Payments This Year

Canada's equalization program reviews the status of the "have" and "have not" provinces every five years

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Are MLPs and Midstream Companies Still “Utilities Without Walls?”

With oil prices so far down, are master limited partnerships prices appropriate, or have the capital markets overreacted?

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