Energy Ink

What Lifting the U.S. Oil Export Ban Means for Canada

Lifting America’s 40-year ban on crude oil exports is significant, but not monumental – particularly not for Canadian producers More →

Power Cost Hikes

Oil companies face sharp and prolonged increases in power transmission fees, which also hit oil sands green cogeneration power export projects. More →

Short-Term Gains

If some OPEC members artificially took barrels off the market, some analysts say, it would only provide a short-term solution to low oil prices More →

The Notley Doctrine

Can fighting Alberta's environmental perception problem really win market access for our energy? The Alberta NDP seems to think so More →

In Praise of the Cash Flow Tax

Alberta’s Royalty Review Panel says it’s considering all options when it comes to optimizing the province’s share of non-renewable resource revenues. Here’s one option that they should pay particularly close attention to More →

The Keystone Conundrum

President Obama has rejected Keystone XL. Now it's time for Canadians to learn from that experience and work together so we never have to depend on the whims of an American president again More →

Why The Energy Sector’s Future Can Be Found In Its Past

It was just over 40 years ago, when the oil sands were still a speculative venture that involved overcoming huge technological challenges More →