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Nexen’s Flagship Oil Sands Project Long on Problems

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The Alberta NDP’s Pipeline Paradox

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Editors Note: Happy New Year?

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A North West Redwater Refinery Primer

The Alberta Party is calling on the province’s auditor general to review government spending on the Sturgeon County bitumen refinery project More →

When Will Saudi Arabia Come Up For Air?

Saudi Arabia bets it can dive deeper and for longer than Iran and Russia, whose oil cash buys missiles for Saudi enemies More →

Lifting U.S. Oil Export Ban Impacts Condensate For Canada

U.S. condensate producers being able to sell outside of North America means Canadian buyers face increased competition. But it also supports shale gas production. More →

What Lifting the U.S. Oil Export Ban Means for Canada

Lifting America’s 40-year ban on crude oil exports is significant, but not monumental – particularly not for Canadian producers More →