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How Green Technology is Driving Economic Diversification in Nisku

The sun is rising over at least some oil service firms in Nisku that have become poster children for exports and economic diversification More →

Is the U.S. Finally Changing Its Tune on the Oil Sands?

When you have only one customer for your product, that customer is always right. Even when that customer is acting hypocritically, which is the case with the Canada-U.S. energy relationship today More →

Why OPEC Won’t Agree to Cut Production

Saudi Arabia wants low prices to check Iranian power, as Iran is increasing production to boost revenue More →

Alberta Budget Unveils Details of Carbon Levy

Alberta’s government has fleshed out its carbon pricing policies and detailed the pains and gains in the 2016/17 budget. More →

Alberta’s Energy Industry Needs Clarity on Market Access

Being a leader means making decisions — and setting a date for the end of the moratorium consultations should be the first one Prime Minister Justin Trudeau makes More →

Federal NDP Radicals’ Leap into Irrelevance Masks Alberta Government’s Latest Petchem Success

As Notley Refutes Leap Manifesto, a third foreign petrochemical firm prepares to create jobs in Alberta, attracted by the government’s economic diversification policies More →

Government Abolishes Oil Sands Monitoring Agency

Dysfunctional, inefficient, and redundant, the Alberta Environmental Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Agency is a "failed experiment" More →