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Will Someone Please Give Kevin O’Leary A Lesson in Pipeline 101?

Kevin O’Leary's proposal for a national referendum on pipelines is just plain dumb More →

Green Light For Oil Sands Developments

Government gives thumbs up for new developments, but operators hold back for now More →

We All Want Accessible Energy and Clean Water and Air

Canada can have pride and respect in all our energy development More →

Feds Push on With Pipelines

Despite the NEB cancelling Energy East Montreal hearings, government says it will stick to project decision deadlines More →

Saudis Drop Oil Prices to Clobber Iran

Saudi Arabia has lowered oil prices to undermine its archrival Iran, which is ramping up production More →

EDITORIAL: The Time of Gas

Natural gas has been hit hard. But the time is near when its demand—and its price—will rise to new heights More →

The Husky Pipeline Fallout Just Got Worse

Long-distance pipeline operators employ the “10-minute rule”—on discovering an anomaly that can’t be explained within ten-minutes, the section pipeline is isolated. If only Husky did the same. More →