Energy Ink

Keep calm and keep carrying on

Is Justin Trudeau's big win a disaster-in-waiting for the energy sector? Not even close More →

Octoberfest for lawyers

Political leadership, the duty to consult and why the energy sector needs to pay attention to both More →

The bottom is in – maybe

Everywhere you look there are signs that the oil market is on the verge of turning around. But is it the real thing this time, or just another head fake? More →

Why Linda McQuaig is wrong about the oil sands

Linda McQuaig, like a lot of federal New Democrats, doesn’t just think that we’re going to have to leave oil sands reserves in the ground. She wants us to More →

Pipeline progress at last

What's better than one pipeline project to the west coast making headway? Two pipeline projects to the west coast making headway. Take that, Hillary More →

Celebrities and the Oil Sands. Why?

Bill Nye joins the ranks of entertainers who come to Alberta to weigh in the oil sands' environmental impact. Do these visits achieve anything? More →

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

The Conservative government says that it has the energy sector's back. So why does it keep sticking sharp objects into it? More →