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Refining Begins at Home

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Editor’s Log: The Year of the Carbon Tax

Canada already has one of the world’s cleanest power industries, and by 2030, when the last carbon-spewing coal-fired power plant closes, it will be even cleaner More →

OPINION: The Shifting Sands of Energy Call for Some Creative Footwork

Alberta Oil editor Nick Wilson on our changing energy politics and economics More →

Pipeline Selfie Please, Justin

It's time to get a Canadian oil sands pipeline built to tidewater More →

Energy Consensus Closer Than We Think

Jim Prentice personified energy-environment bridge building. More →

Alberta Government Eyes Geothermal Fix to Abandoned Well Crisis

AB considers converting disused wells to geothermal energy systems. Oil firm to coproduce oil and geothermal heat in Saskatchewan - two firsts for Canada. More →

Juniors, the Unsung Heroes

Why it's hard to contemplate a world without junior oil companies More →