Alberta’s Industrial Heartland is a rapidly growing hub of energy and petrochemical infrastructure worth $30 billion. And, with its renewed push for economic diversification, the provincial government could end up adding billions more.

Part I:
Is Alberta Seeing a Refinery Renaissance?

After years spent fighting the skeptics, the head of NW Refining is about to build the first new refinery in Canada in 30 years. But will it finally rid us of the sudden price jumps as gas pumps in Western Canada? More →

Part II:
Why The First Canadian Hydrocarbons To Reach Asia Might Not Be Oil Or Gas, But Plastic Pellets

Declining labour costs, government subsidies and bargain-basement natural gas prices is spurring investment More →

Part III:
Midstream Heats Up In Alberta’s Industrial Heartland

The Alberta Industrial Heartland’s buildout of storage facilities, rail terminals and pipelines is heating up on the back of continually increasing oil sands and gas field output More →

Web Exclusive:
Alberta Oil magazine’s interactive infographic of gases to liquids and plastics

Follow a range of NGLs from their sources, see how value is added in Alberta Industrial Heartland, and learn their final form and markets More →

A Virtual tour of Alberta’s Industrial Heartland

One of North America’s biggest hydrocarbon hubs: Air separators, refineries, pipelines, rail terminals, nickle smelters, crackers, fractionators, storage, upgraders … More →

Podcast: Neil Shelly, CEO of Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association

Podcast: Gerry Goobie, senior consultant, natural gas development