The 2017 C-Suite Energy Executive Awards

Introducing the class of 2017...

Our 2017 crop of C-suite executives share common characteristics like outside-the-box thinking and the determination to shape the future with their vision. Now that a market turnaround may fortunately be on the horizon in the form of higher oil prices and new pipelines, these leaders have helped position their companies to emerge from the downturn leaner and keener.

Their successes directly connect to their personal and corporate values, of which adding positive value is most salient. They add value to their teams, colleagues and shareholders, and their work adds value to the communities where they operate.

Another strength they all share is commitment. They are each in it for the long haul. C-suite executives don’t just have cool heads for metaphorical firefighting in a crisis, although they have that too, and are often called upon to do just that. During the downturn these executives optimized assets—be they human capital, cash or computing power—and showed creativity, another key strength during one of the market`s sudden mood swings. Their efforts are letting their firms emerge from the tunnel in better shape and able to do more with less. This vision, while focused on the bottom line, also puts their firms in a pole position to respond to a transitioning world that increasingly demands more and more energy while also demanding it be less and less carbon intensive. In this brave new low-carbon world, these C-suite leaders are the people who drive and encourage efficiency and innovation in their organisations—and such thinking and vision is infectious.

Dave Dyck
Penn West Petroleum
CFO of the Year

Myles Bosman
Birchcliff Energy
COO of the Year

Cameron Proctor
PrairieSky Royalty
CLO of the Year

Michael Han
Paramount Resources
CIO of the Year

Melody Appelman
Parkland Fuel
HR Executive of the Year

Patrick Etokudo
Supply Chain Executive of the Year

Alan Boras
Seven Generations Energy
Public Affairs Executive of the Year

David Cornhill
Chairperson of the Year

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