January, 2017


No Pipelines, No Peace

Anti-oil activism is growing in North America. Where will that leave Canada’s pipeline plans? >

Who Will Feed the Chinese Dragon?

Will China walk away from Canadian energy or double down on its $50 billion investment? >

Will Canada Quit Its Low-Carbon Diet?

The Donald Trump administration threatens to leave progressive energy economies, like Canada's, out in the cold. But how serious is the threat, really? >


Oil Firms Are Proving Up New Technologies At Edmonton Lab

C-FER Technologies is looking to new horizons in renewable energy to help Alberta's oilfield companies >

OPINION: How to Upgrade the Electricity Sector in a Changing Market

New technologies have opened the door to private sector products and services that were exclusively handled by utilities in the past >

OPINION: The Carbon Conundrum

A ‘tax on everything’ will hurt Alberta’s competitiveness >

C-Suite Stars

CEO of the Year: Steve Williams

CFO of the Year: David Dyck

Chairperson of the Year: David Cornhill

Chief Legal Officer of the Year: Cameron Proctor

CIO of the Year: Michael Han

COO of the Year: Myles Bosman

HR Executive of the Year: Melody Appelman

Public Affairs Executive of the Year: Alan Boras

Supply Chain Executive of the Year: Patrick Etokudo

The 2017 C-Suite Energy Executive Awards

Introducing the class of 2017... >