November, 2016


Going, going, gone—but for good?

Oilfield auction sales and liquidations are way up. But at a time when many companies are cashing out, they're finding their assets are increasingly undervalued >

The Struggle to Unify Canada's Emergency Alert Systems

A new wireless communication policy could finally bring together a patchwork of systems to keep peope safe >


Colonial Pipeline Explosion Spikes Gasoline Futures

As it stands now, the Colonial Pipeline outage is unlikely to influence gasoline prices along Canada’s east coast. Should the gasoline line not restart midday November 5 as currently estimated, and repairs take longer than expected, then the probability of higher gasoline prices along Canada’s east coast increases >

Meet the Calgary Company That's Leaving Pipeline Welding Behind

CORE Linepipe hopes to reverse the fortunes of the pipeline industry, one weldless joint at a time >

OPINION: Canada Should Find Refuge in Hedges Before the Next Bust

While hedging isn’t free, it’s prudent, writes Tim Pickering of Auspice Capital >

Opinion: Where There’s Smoke There’s Fired?

Why the government should account for workplace safety in its new marijuana laws >

Services Report

Balancing Environmental Regulation and New Technologies

Canada has often blazed the regulatory trail, opening the door to world markets for its innovative technology  >