Whitney Irwin

VP HSE & Training, ENTREC

July 04, 2016

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Whitney Irwin
photograph Bluefish Studios

Age: 29

Low commodity prices have a ripple effect that is felt across the energy sector. That is especially the case for those who work in people-oriented divisions like health, safety and environmental (HSE) and training. As vice-president of HSE and training at ENTREC since October of 2014, Whitney Irwin entered the position at a time of unprecedented change at the firm. It had just implemented new software systems that required a lot of training efforts to get everybody up to speed, and commodity prices were just beginning their long descent. The job required a deft hand at both balancing the shrinking budget of the company while making the most of a smaller workforce—a task she was able to take advantage of in order to position the company for growth in the years that followed.

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