Vicki Lightbown

Manager, Water And Environment, Alberta Innovates—Energy and Environment Solutions

July 04, 2016

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Vicki Lightbown helps companies drive carbon emissions down and the bottom line up.
Photograph Ryan Girard

Alberta Innovates—Energy and Environment Solutions
Education: Education: Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, University of Calgary
Age: 30

As the manager of water and environment for Alberta Innovates—Energy and Environment Solutions (AI-EES), Vicki Lightbown works to solve many of the most important issues facing the oilfield today. There isn’t an energy company in Canada that isn’t concerned about saving energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and curbing water use—even if that company is only addressing these issues as they relate to its bottom line. Until recently, Lightbown’s expertise in directing research and overseeing projects was in the areas of air-pollution reduction, fuel-cell batteries and water conservation. But as the industry shifts, her focus—and that of Alberta Innovates—does too. “We’re starting to do more work in hydraulic fracturing and looking at needs in that area,” she says. “The industry has made huge progress in improving the rates of recycling, reducing the amount of energy used for that recycle, and moving towards non-fresh sources of water; more saline sources. And on the greenhouse-gas reduction side, we’ve made a lot of big advancement in carbon capture; getting those technologies out of the lab and into the field. So I think that within a reasonable near-term future we’re going to see more commercial projects come out of that.”

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