Tulika Gupta

Analyst, Suncor Energy

July 04, 2016

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Tulika Gupta led a technological revolution at Suncor at a time when the company needed it most.
Photograph Chris Wedman

Suncor Energy
Education: Bachelor of Applied Science, Computer Engineering, University of Toronto
Age: 25

While working in the energy business may have been in her blood from an early age, Tulika Gupta was initially drawn to the tech world before landing at Suncor Energy. Of course, the two worlds aren’t mutually exclusive, and Gupta’s talent for analyzing data and finding cost savings across Suncor’s operations meant she quickly rose to the rank of major projects analyst for the company. The timing was beneficial too, as Suncor is taking aggressive action to lower costs and optimize its efficiency in the midst of its takeover of Canadian Oil Sands and the launch of its Fort Hills megaproject. Gupta also put her technology background to work in designing an online cost-efficiency reporting system for Suncor employees to electronically register cost-saving ideas to the Suncor executive team. Initially intended as a short-term trial balloon, the program has become a permanent fixture of the major projects department. “We decide if it falls under our circle of influence, and if it doesn’t, we take it to the right people,” Gupta says. “It’s something I’m very proud of.” But saving the company money isn’t all that Gupta has been involved in at Suncor. She also joined the Suncor Women’s Diversity Initiative, a project aimed at supporting gender diversity in the often male-dominated energy sector since 2012.

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