The Top 35 Under 35 In Canada’s Energy Sector

Introducing the best and brightest minds in the energy sector who are shaping the sector today—and preparing to be its leaders tomorrow

July 04, 2016

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There’s no denying the energy sector is overwhelmingly gray. Advancing through the ranks of energy companies takes time, and those who reach the C-suite tend to be seasoned veterans, unlike the 20-something CEOs that rule Silicon Valley. And yet, Canada’s energy sector is brimming with young talent that is eager to transform the industry for the better—and, as we found out, most of these young people have proven highly competent in doing so. That’s why Alberta Oil is launching the Top 35 Under 35 listing, to cast light on the future movers and shakers of the industry and celebrate their successes. Given the deep pool of talent here in Canada, our listing no doubt could have included many more qualified candidates. The names we’ve chosen were based on a number of factors, and they come from vastly different backgrounds and professions. And while each individual choice for our Top 35 is different in his or her own way, they all share common traits: an eagerness to excel, a willingness to work and a propensity to lead. So, without further ado, here is your next generation of leaders.