Kirstie Boyle

Product Strategist, Uncommon Innovations

July 04, 2016

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Kirstie Boyle

Uncommon Innovation
Education: Bachelor of Science, University of Calgary; Master of Business Administration, Global Energy Management and Sustainable Development, University of Calgary
Age: 29

Without innovation, resource extraction becomes a liability rather than an opportunity. As product strategist at Uncommon Innovation, Kirstie Boyle is part of the effort to allow promising new energy technologies to thrive, in turn making resource extraction as harmless to the environment as possible. Uncommon Innovation is a boutique consulting firm that helps companies market their ideas to specific clients, giving companies a better chance at securing meaningful interest and capital. Over time at the company, Boyle has learned the ropes of energy, clean tech and consumer technologies, giving her a unique perspective of how finance, energy and marketing can all meet in the middle.

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