Lisa Oberding

Co-Founder, FREDsense Technologies

July 04, 2016

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Lisa Oberding
Photo by Chris Wedman

FredSENSE Technologies
Education: Master of Science, Environmental Microbiology, University of Calgary
Age: 25

When it comes to oil and gas development, the size of projects and the specs of the equipment seem to get larger every year. And yet, some of its greatest breakthroughs happen at a microscopic level. Lisa Oberding, one of six co-founders of FREDsense Technologies, knows this better than most. The company has developed a patented system that uses so-called “sensing” bacteria to provide cheap and highly sensitive water monitoring capabilities to companies that can be used in the field. Her Master’s thesis, which she completed early 2016, focused on how microorganisms could be used to break down hydrocarbons, improve enhanced oil recovery and assist in remediation efforts.

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