Kiely MacLean

Co-Founder, RJ MaClean Tank Services

July 04, 2016

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Kiely MacLean

RJ MaClean Tank Services
Education: Education: Bachelor of Business Administration, Acadia University
Age: 27

You could say Kiely MacLean has an eye for business opportunities. The entrepreneur and co-founder of RJ MaClean Tank Services, a company that provides a variety of tank cleaning services to clients in the oil sector, joined forces with one of the leading water separation technology providers as a way to boost her service capabilities. That company was Acheson-based RJ Oil Sands, a leading water separation provider for in-situ oil sands production, which joined forces with MaClean mid-2015. Since then, the two companies have strived to increase the volumes of water that can be separated from processed water, as well as improve the efficiency of their tank cleaning services. MacLean’s efforts could go some way in helping companies to improve the efficiency of their water separation and disposal requirements, which can be a costly process.

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