Kelcie Miller-Anderson

Co-Founder, MycoRemedy

July 04, 2016

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Kelcie Miller-Anderson

Age: 22

Kelcie Miller-Anderson doesn’t fulfill the typical image of a garage-tinkering scientist. But well before she ever began studying sciences at university, Miller-Anderson, now 21, was trying to unlock complex questions in a makeshift laboratory in her parents’ basement. Before she entered her 20s, she had developed an experimental tailings reduction technology that used oyster mushrooms to reduce the levels of hydrocarbons, anapthenic acids and pH levels in solid tailings and tailings water. She is now looking to a new species of mushroom that could be used in her trials. Through the development of the process, Miller-Anderson has snapped up a number of awards for the innovative nature of her work. While the technology is still in the development phase and remains a long way from being realized, the young innovator has no doubt caught the attention of industry and of the public at large.

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Kelcie was featured Alberta Oil’s Top Energy Innovators 2015

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