Kali Taylor

Co-Founder, Student Energy

July 04, 2016

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Kali Taylor
Photograph Bryce Meyer

Student Energy
Education: Bachelor of Commerce, Energy Management, University of Calgary; Graduate Studies, Social Innovation, University of Waterloo
Age: 28

The ongoing debate about fossil fuel development—how we produce it, consume it, and ultimately move away from some sources of it—is full of bombastic voices. Not so with Kali Taylor, the co-founder of Student Energy, who is an ardent supporter of the view that energy development and consumption is not as black and white as many people like to think. In 2011, she launched Student Energy, an advocacy group geared toward Millennials that tries to provide a balanced, yet appropriately critical, view of the energy industry as a way to improve the quality of the debate. Since then, she has taken on positions with various organizations, including a recent internship with the Green Growth Knowledge Platform, an initiative between the World Bank, United Nations Environment Programme, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development and the Global Green Growth Institute. It’s a career trajectory that started at a very young age. When she was barely into her 20s, Taylor had already chaired the first-ever Student Energy Summit in Calgary, which drew over 350 students from 30 different countries.

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