Brett Chell

President, Axial

July 04, 2016

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Brett Chell

Axial Energy Technologies/Raptor Rig/Cold Bore Technology
Age: 34

Unlike many of the rising stars on our Top 35 list, Brett Chell never went to a renowned business school. In fact, apart from a year or two at a Vancouver art college, Chell never went to school at all. That doesn’t seem to have set him back any. The president of Axial and co-founder of both Raptor Rig and Cold Bore Technology got his start working on oil rigs and running his own auto import-export business before eventually joining an Earth-imaging software company. Ultimately Chell would get back to his Alberta energy roots by founding Axial and Cold Bore in 2013. Axial now provides much of the business and technology infrastructure and expertise to run Cold Bore and Raptor Rig, two cutting-edge oilfield companies that are expert at finding efficiency gaps and exploiting them.

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