November, 2015


With A Standstill Agreement About To Expire, What's Next For Orange Capital And Bellatrix Exploration?

Last July, Orange Capital CEO Daniel Lewis started building up a stake in Bellatrix Exploration. Now, with hundreds of millions of dollars at stake, can he help get the company turned around in time? >


Building A Pipeline Monitoring System That Actually Works

“If you do have an incident occur, we are able to pick it up in real time – in seconds,” Steve Koles says. “Not weeks, seconds.” >

How Canada’s Energy Services Sector Is Building An International Following

The benefits of a strong, progressive and competitive energy and energy services industry extends well beyond Alberta’s borders into the rest of Canada >

Where To Go For The Most Trusted Reservoir Performance Information

Good information is a valuable commodity – and a company that creates it is an even better one >

Report on Oilfield Services

A "Reverse Auction" Might Sound Like A Good Idea Right Now. Here's Why It Isn't.

Producers are finding major cost savings, but in the end they may be the ones who end up paying for them >

Can Canada Create Its Own Halliburton?

Halliburton and Schlumberger both made billion-dollar deals in the last year that took out major rivals. What does that mean for their Canadian counterparts? >

Why Producers And Service Companies Need To Come Together To Thrive

Producers and service companies have long had an adversarial relationship. Why changing that could benefit everyone >

Why The Low-Tech World Of Oilfield Reporting Is Going Digital

Whether you’re storing site data, tracking rig counts or calculating downhole fluid requirements, here are some of the top mobile apps available >

Focus on Manufacturing

Alberta Oilfield Manufacturers Turn To The Global Market For Their Salvation

With Canadian energy companies hit hard by the falling price of crude, domestic manufacturers are proving that if you build it, they will come  >

Automation, 3-D Printing Becoming the New Normal In Oilfield Manufacturing

Automation and robotics are making their way into oil and gas manufacturing. The industry is transforming as a result – and fast >

Best Of The West: A Focus On Alberta's Manufacturing Sector

Meet three manufacturing operations that are on top of their game – and find out what you can learn from their playbook  >

Oil-Market Pain Helps Some Industries Recruit Skilled Workers - For Now

Layoffs in the energy sector are helping Alberta’s manufacturers address their own labor pains. But how long can it last, and what can they do when the cycle turns again? >