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Alberta Oil at #GPS15: Catching up with Carbon Upcycling Technologies

Carbon Upcycling Technologies can convert CO2 emissions into graphene for the cement and coatings industries

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June 11, 2015

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Apoorv Sinha of Carbon Upcycling Technologies

Apoorv Sinha of Carbon Upcycling Technologies

Apoorv Sinha’s clean-tech startup, Carbon Upcycling Technologies, has come up with a process to convert CO2 emissions into graphene for use in the cement and coatings industries. “We believe that they’re high-volume industries where we’ll create a lot of a dent on the CO2 emissions side of things,” Sinha says.

“So far, clean-tech emissions and market-specific problems have been looked at as separate issues, but they’ve never been combined,” Sinha explains. “There’s a lot of people converting CO2 back into methane, natural gas, polyethylene” but that’s a cost-intensive process and isn’t for everyone.

“We came up with a mechanical process that within a year we’ve been able scale up quite a bit and is still carbon negative, and it’s capturing CO2 emissions. So it’s kind of solving both problems at some level,” Sinha says. In addition to being “genuinely green,” Sinha says the technology could also solve a real market problem. Within six to nine months – if the testing data is as good as Sinha thinks it could be – Carbon Upcycling’s technologies could be going into high volume markets, for things like factories and skyscrapers, for example. “Those are the things that are now going to have this material added on, become a lot greener, become a lot more durable; instead of lasting 40 to 50 years, they’re going to last an extra 30 to 40 years,” Sinha says.

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One Response to “Alberta Oil at #GPS15: Catching up with Carbon Upcycling Technologies”

  1. Fact: Apoorv Sinha is the Jim Halpert of carbon upcycling technologies! He’s only doing this to get the attention of a girl! This isn’t a joke Apoorv!!