Ezra Levant is on the offensive with new book on fracking

Levant believes the best defense is a good offense

July 22, 2014

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Ethical Oil: The Case for Canada’s Oil Sands author Ezra Levant
Photograph John Gaucher

The conservative columnist and broadcaster with Sun Media was in Calgary promoting his recent book, Groundswell: The Case for Fracking, that reads much like a sequel to his 2010 bestseller Ethical Oil: The Case for Canada’s Oil Sands. There’s a need, he says, for a more assertive defense of unconventional oil and gas production, particularly from a moral standpoint.

Alberta Oil: Is there really a need to promote a pro-fracking book here in the country’s energy capital?
Ezra Levant:
Talking to industry folks is my most important job, even more important than talking to the “anti” crowd. Industry needs the self-confidence and reassurance that it is, in fact, moral and environmental. One of the greatest tactics of its detractors is to demoralize, to make us believe we are evil by using words like climate criminal. David Suzuki repeatedly talks about jailing climate deniers, a term which sounds like holocaust deniers.

AO: What is the book’s overarching message?
I’ll never know as much about the oil and gas industry as an actual petroleum engineer, but I have ways of looking at things that people who are right in the thick of it might lack. I remind people this is not just about Republicans versus Democrats, Liberals versus Conservatives. It’s not a British Columbia or New Brunswick problem. The fracking story is a global thing. And the real beneficiaries of any anti-fracking policy are not some local activists, but Vladimir Putin, and Qatar and Iran.

AO: Do other oil-exporting nations around the world feel threatened by fracking?
Last year Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, an important member of the Saudi royal family, wrote a 14-page memo in Arabic to his country’s natural resources minister saying shale gas and the oil sands pose a significant threat. What he was saying was, “Hey Saudis, we are in jeopardy!. Fracking and the oil sands are a serious competitive risk to us.”

AO: Are Canadian anti-fossil fuel groups receiving funds from overseas?
Some organizations are on the payroll, like the Council of Canadians, that took $1.6 million from U.S. foundations to fight against fracking. Many U.S. foundations like the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the Tides Foundation [fund anti-fossil fuel activism in Canada]. A lot of that is western industrial money that two, three, four generations later end up in the hands of guilty, white liberal billionaire heirs. These people don’t want to give up their money, but they want to atone for their great grandpa’s sins. So they fund the anti-oil movement.

AO: What about the Hollywood celebrities who don’t need funding?
I think someone like Darryl Hannah is well-meaning but naïve. From a PR perspective, this activism may make her look super smart as it shows her caring about public policy. But she’s a hypocrite flying off to anti-fossil fuel get-togethers in a private jet. Lenin had a phrase: “the useful idiots of the west.” He was describing several different types of people in the west who would help [the Soviet communist cause]. Some you’d have to pay to spy, some would do it out of loyalty, but there are some who’d commit treason for their own foolish reasons. This third type could be counted as loyal allies without money and without anything.

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5 Responses to “Ezra Levant is on the offensive with new book on fracking”

  1. SemperVigilio says:

    I don’t believe for one moment the rockefellers’ campaign against Canada is out of guilt. And I will bet $ that they still maintain an interest in Exxon. When they put as much $ and energy to shut down fossil fuel production in their own country and fund their Natives to take Texas back like they are funding our FN, then it might be somewhat believable. And correct me if I’m wrong but I do believe the company ‘Rockefeller Hughes’ is still drilling in the Eagle Ford.

  2. MikeSr says:

    Glad to have Ezra on board. The Rockefeller Foundation, with the source of funding from American based fossil fuels has been funding Tides Canada for a while now. Some of the First Nation mismanaged special interest groups have also fallen into line.

  3. Realist says:

    I do believe that some US and Environmental movements there are people groups oppose Alberta and Canada’s growing and responsible oil industry because they sincerely believe they can influence opinion here and “save the planet.” I suggest these people are often sincere but let’s say misguided.
    But imbedded within these movements are people who oppose Alberta and Canada for other reasons. I do believe some are sponsored by Gazpro etc. This does mean their actions and thoughts don’t align with the interests of their funders, but they are being used and funded because a foreign interest finds it useful. And I do think there are some – many perhaps – in the US who oppose pipelines etc. because they understand that getting carbon fuels below world prices is a transfer of wealth from Canadian citizens to American Citizens. While Canadians lose revenues that could be used for hospitals, schools, roads, etc., they capture an equal amount in lower energy prices.

  4. sandra says:

    What would this climate-change denier know about a moral standpoint? He continually repeats the same lies. #CDNPOLI is no longer Left vs Right – It’s Truth vs the #Conservatives

  5. Notice how Sandra designates the opposition, “no longer Left vs. Right – It’s Truth vs the #Conservatives.” This is how the Left thinks. They think that their side is always the moral side, the correct side, the truthful side, the clean side, the upstanding side, and the other side is thus automatically immoral, incorrect, untruthful, dirty, corrupt, etc ad nauseam. This is why the Left is in such trouble, not in Canada but elsewhere. People are sick to death of political correctness and the arrogance of such Leftists as Sandra, who breezily condemns her critics as immoral, dishonest, etc. Frankly I wouldn’t ever enter into any partnership with a Leftist, just knowing how they utterly misrepresent and impugn what conservatives believe.