February, 2014


Economist Andrew Leach and Kirsten Smith pop the notion of a "bitumen bubble"

Even with new pipeline infrastructure, geographic price discounts for Albertan crude will remain >

Like her or loathe her, B.C. Premier Christy Clark is possibly Canada’s most influential energy player

An essay from the former president of the Canada West Foundation >


Greg Kist says he is prepared to deal with the volatility of natural gas

Pacific Northwest eyes Asian markets for LNG exports >


A look at Dome Petroleum’s ill-fated drilling program in the Beaufort Sea

Dome built Tarsuit Island by dredging the bottom of the sea and installing concrete blocks that had been shipped all the way from Vancouver. >

Dealmakers: Buyers and Sellers

Pembina Pipeline Corp., Talisman Energy Inc., Kinder Morgan Canada >

Debunking the rhetoric behind nation-building projects

Even with government assistance, the costs of building out bitumen upgrading capacity in Canada appears prohibitive >

Forget carbon capture and storage. Carbon marketing is the future

“[CCS is] pure expense and provides no additional utility.” - Carlo Montemagno >

Statoil Canada weighs investment in the oil sands against offshore investment

Rising costs put Statoil Canada in a tough spot >

The architect of the NEP, Marc Lalonde, would have done it differently

"Lac-Mégantic has made people realize that the alternative is to transport oil by train and this is not risk-free. It’s certainly a lot more hazardous than pipelines." >


Growth-plus-yield model is the new norm for juniors

It isn’t just about growth anymore – now even small producers pay dividends >

Shell Canada's leading executive says federal CO2 regulations would bring innovation and reputational benefits

"What other country has such a responsibility and such an opportunity to do it for our children and for their future?" - Lorraine Mitchelmore >

Yanchang Petroleum makes the long march to Canada, acquires Novus

China's oldest oil company advances into the Basin >

The Technology and Innovation Issue

An in-depth look at how in situ oil sands development has evolved

The past, present and future of in situ bitumen recovery >

Infographic: A brief history of fracking innovation

Ground-breaking moments in hydraulic fracturing >

Is collaboration in the oil sands possible?

COSIA turns two in March 2013, and it has shared more than 560 technologies worth a total of $900 million; the partners are working on 185 joint-industry projects worth $500 million. But it hasn’t revolutionized any one practice or process. >

The next revolution: how 3-D printing is transforming the energy sector

It is said that additive manufacturing will shake up every industrial sector it touches. Does that include oil and gas? >