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The 100 (2012)

A rundown of the country's biggest companies by revenue, net income and production

June 05, 2012

Canada might not have reached "energysuperpower" status yet, but within its own borders, it's clear the oil and gas industry looms very large. A quick glance through this year's list of the top-performing oil and gas and energy service firms illustrates the wealth this surging sector is creating in Canada. Despite concerns about a lack of access to new markets and the environmental footprint of hydrocarbon extraction, 2011 was another year of growth. The trick now is how to keep the good times rolling. This package was developed in partnership with Deloitte. The 100 + Energy Service 50 luncheon held on May 31 in Calgary featuring keynote speaker Jack Gerard was presented by Alberta Oil, ATB Corporate Financial Services, Deloitte, the University of Calgary's Haskayne School of Business, and Rogers.

* includes conventional oil, bitumen, synthetic crude oil and natural gas liquids
** nine months ending Dec. 31
*** no oil and gas production in 2009

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