June, 2012


Harvest Operations adjusts to new management

A feature chat with COO Rob Pearce about Asian investment >

Pipeline reviews delayed by 'scope sprawl': report

Too many factors weighed in process, prof argues >


Could profit-sharing get Alberta crude to the Pacific?

The 'human barrier' will be hardest to overcome >

Gender parity remains an elusive goal on Canadian boards

'Having women on boards is morally required. It's a virtue,' one director says >

How bad data leads to bad policy

Competing data sets inform crude oil GHG assessments >

Imperial Oil mulls long-term water-less oil sands extraction

A novel technique could redefine sustainable development >

zEroCor Tubulars Inc. takes on wellbore corrosion

A Calgary start-up looks to make a name for itself in the wellbore tubing business >


Look to aboriginal youth to solve labor woes, Jim Carter says

Maintaining and growing a skilled workforce is Alberta's biggest challenge >

More pain in store for natural gas stocks, Eric Nuttall says

We're still a ways away from the point of maximum pessimism  >

The Alberta Oil 100

Alberta's energy sector faced strong headwinds in 2011

Innovation and collaboration provide some shelter from ongoing storms >

IROC Energy Services ups capital spending amid oil boom

IROC Energy Services Corp. is in the middle of a building spree >

The 100 (2012)

A rundown of the country's biggest companies by revenue, net income and production >

Why the health of Hugo Chavez matters to Alberta's oil sands

A political challenge to the dictator could reverse years of decline at PDVSA >

Energy Survey Download

Our 2012 National Survey - PDF download

Would you like a PDF version of our 2012 National Energy Survey? >

Step Change

Calgary's Global Energy Executive MBA takes flight

Executives return to school for some energy education >

Canadian companies venture into BRIC countries

Trican Well Service builds a research center in Moscow >

Osum Oil Sands eyes a bitumen motherlode

Equity investors are turning their attention to the untapped carbonates >