Alberta Oil 2012 C-Suite Stars

A level head and a long-term view keep these executives on point

January 04, 2012

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Snyder Smith Robottom MacNichol Moore Danroth Spitzer

Perhaps more than most, 2011 was  a year of highs and lows for the energy industry. The price of oil reached heights not seen since 2008, but Canadian producers still faced price discounts in the United States for their landlocked product. Drilling activity rebounded, and capital spending increased, but labor shortages began to crop up. Meanwhile, large energy projects like the Kitimat LNG and Joslyn North received regulatory approval, but others – such as Keystone XL and Northern Gateway – were subject to heavy scrutiny and public anger.

Alberta Oil’s third annual C-Suite Stars Awards winners represent seven corporate leaders who found themselves on the front lines of a topsy-turvy 12 months for the sector.

The energy business is a volatile one by nature, but one thing that comes through in these executive profiles is that to excel at the top requires a clear head and a long-term view. Markets and prices can go up and down on a whim and a company’s  financial fortunes can turn on forces beyond its control. But when the executives who occupy the top rungs of management keep cool, stay true to their business strategies and believe in their firm and its people, great things can get accomplished.

Join us at the C-Suite gala Feb. 2 in Calgary.

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