Energy efficiency: How Canada stacks up

It turns out we have an energy problem, not just an addiction to fossil fuels

May 01, 2011

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Canadians burn a lot of energy. A cold climate, never mind the nation’s predilection for big houses and sprawling suburbs, demands it. The trouble is, households and commercial buildings don’t use energy all that efficiently. Appliances in average Canadian homes are getting better, but a hard truth policy-makers are only starting to wake up to is that solving our climate woes isn’t just a fossil fuel problem. It’s an energy problem, from coal mine or hydro dam to toaster oven, as it were. Check out the compilation of numbers from Canada’s Office of Energy Efficiency below for a snapshot of Canada’s efficiency record. (Note: the energy content of a 30-liter tank of gasoline is approximately one gigajoule or 0.95 million British thermal units of energy. A petajoule is one million gigajoules. On average, Canada’s National Energy Board says the country consumes about one petajoule of energy every 50 minutes for all uses (heat, light and transportation) for both commercial and residential use).
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