April, 2011


25 big builds shaping Canada's energy infrastructure

There's no room for micro-generation in this roundup of gigantic blueprints >

Alberta's oil industry digs up more than black gold

Dinosaur bones at a mega-mine are only the latest relic discovered in pursuit of oil >

Carbon capture and the politics of public acceptance

Why a false alarm at a Saskatchewan farm matters >

Crescent Point Energy and the bountiful Bakken

How old plays and new technologies are transforming Saskatchewan's economy  >


Don't fret about foreign capital in the oil sands, IEA says

China‚Äôs investment strategy is driven by economics, not espionage >

How to fill a (white collar) labor gap

Energy asset management grads provide relief for a worker-starved industry >

India courts oil sands opportunity

Another Asian tiger looks to join the bitumen bonanza  >


Alberta's Court of Appeal pokes an aboriginal hornet's nest

Adequate consultation of pending oil sands development is once again at issue >

Encana Corp. makes inroads into Far East markets

Recent deals pave the way for LNG and technology exports to Asia  >

Ezra Levant throws down with Greenpeace and Saudi Arabia

But his strident case for Alberta's oil sands could also be an abdication of leadership >

Full tilt: service firms adjust to a horizontal surge

Rig counts alone are no longer an adequate marker of field activity >

Offshore wind development hits a snag in Ontario

Political machinations clip the wings of a green energy drive >

TransCanada's Keystone XL pipeline is suddenly in vogue

As the U.S. looks to cut oil imports, Congressional backers turn to a Gulf Coast link >


Kitimat LNG faces Australian rivals

A West Coast LNG terminal will have to compete with gas from Down Under >

PTI Group looks to forge aboriginal partnerships

A unique program that trains camp cooks could signal an easing of tense relations >