September, 2010

Not all electric cars are created equal

High-minded ideals could be curtailed given the origin of electricity >

Russia eyes unconventional gas expansion

The world’s largest natural gas producer looks to unconventional fuel >

The good and bad of commodity prices swings

Prices at the pump are low, but remain high by historic standards >

Deepwater drilling rules the high seas

Offshore drilling is still a mainstay, despite popular anxiety >

At 50, OPEC continues to reap big rewards

The aging cartel marks its golden anniversary having netted $8 trillion in export revenue >

CERES lends oil sands players a respectable touch

Alberta's gravy-train faces increased scrutiny from environmental watchdogs >

Inside NYMEX and the frenzied world of futures trading

Gambling and economics determines oil's value on the world's largest trading floor >

Forecast oil sands capital spending tops $30 billion

Growth is back on the agenda of the mining firms that started it all >

Alberta's oil history is studded with blowouts

Lessons in planning a policy-making were often learned the hard way >

Curing oil sands blights with high technology

The CANMET Energy Technology Centre in Devon leads a bitumen belt brain trust >

Investors seek full disclosure on oil sands investments

Hidden environmental liabilities emerge as an investing blind spot >

Anatomy of Alberta's worst oil-well blowout

Atlantic No. 3 woke up a sleeping giant for regulators and policymakers alike >

Tomorrow’s taxis could be fueled by natural gas

So says a report from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Energy Initiative >

Remembering the Turner Valley Gas Plant

A movement is afoot to turn the industry cradle into a historic preserve >

Why gas from the Mackenzie Delta still matters

Knowledge brokers Ziff Energy Group remain bullish on northern gas >

Oil patch history is writ small for a retired roughneck

Models of oilfield hardware offer a close-up look at very big equipment >

Energy sector construction work to ramp up in 2012

Shale gas and oil sands to drive jobs, predicts Flint Energy Services Ltd. boss >

A hybrid fuel-pump puts a dent in fugitive emissions

Evergreen Energy Technologies combines solar power and fuel cells at well-sites >

McElhanney Land Surveys Ltd. puts new gadgets to good use

Land surveying is a blend of old-school know-how and modern technology >