An Indigenous Perspective on Resource Development

Cheryl Cardinal gives in-depth insight into how energy firms can build win-win partnerships by understanding the communities they need to work with

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How Rachel Notley is Shaking Up Alberta’s Energy Sector

The Alberta government's ambitious energy strategy is having a continental impact

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Oil Firms Are Proving Up New Technologies At Edmonton Lab

C-FER Technologies is looking to new horizons in renewable energy to help Alberta's oilfield companies

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Keystone XL-erated: The Most Hated Pipeline in North America is Back

Before the Dakota Access pipeline protests, there was Keystone XL. Now it's back, and suddenly it's finding favor with decision makers everywhere

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No Pipelines, No Peace

Anti-oil activism is growing in North America. Where will that leave Canada’s pipeline plans?

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Who Wants Alberta’s Crude Oil, Anyway?

There are some good reasons why Eastern Canadian refineries are hesitant to upgrade their facilities to handle Alberta's oil


Energy Company Impairment Charges Down in U.S.

Canada appears likely to follow the same decline. But the oil sands is a wild card

An indigenous perspective on the history of indigenous-Canadian relations

“Much was done in our history to assimilate the Indigenous people and eradicate our cultures and identities”

Where Does Your Carbon Tax Dollar Go, Anyway?

Here's the Alberta carbon tax breakdown


Answering the Carbon Challenge

Capping oil sands emissions can actually help the oil industry. Here's how.

Opinion: Energy Ink

Refining Begins at Home

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Alberta’s Industrial Heartland

Alberta’s Industrial Heartland is a rapidly growing hub of energy and petrochemical infrastructure worth $30 billion. And, with its renewed push for economic diversification, the provincial government could end up adding billions more.

Commodity Prices

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