Vancouver Becoming North America's Largest Coal-Exporting Port

Canada is expanding its coal exports to Asia through British Columbia

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California Could Be the Default Destination for Trans Mountain Oil

There are approximately 48 crude oil tankers visiting Vancouver annually

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A Tale of Two Canadas

When it comes to refinery markets, Eastern and Western Canada might as well be different countries

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Enter the Data-Driven Oil Field

The University of Alberta is partnering with some of the top oil sands companies to figure out what to do with all that data

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Trudeau's National Energy Board: New and Improved?

The Trudeau government promised to reform the NEB and earn back the trust of Canadians. Not everyone will be happy with the changes

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The Great Green Debate

Alberta Oil asked Canada Action founder, Cody Battershill, wide-ranging questions on all aspects of energy from renewables to oil sands


California is a better market for Trans Mountain-transported crude than Asia

  • TMX’s terminal port cannot receive super tankers, reducing competitiveness in Asia
  • California’s heavy crude output is declining
  • Albertan crudes will become increasingly competitive against Mexico’s Maya in PADD 5
  • Blending with Bakken crudes would let Albertan crudes replace declining Alaskan output
  • Californian fuel standards give oil sands operators that are lowering carbon intensity an edge
  • WCS in pole position to become new heavy sour benchmark in the U.S.

Refineries? Where’s The Value In That?

Bitumen upgrading in Alberta sounds like a good investment for the province. But an economic question mark hangs over the whole theory of "value added"


Don’t Wait Up For Dirty Uncle Sam

Canada can price carbon and win in business—without waiting for the United States to catch up

Uncle Sam: Friend or Foe?

Bruce Peachey, instructor of petroleum engineering at the University of Alberta, on the Keystone pipeline and refining in Alberta

Who Wants Alberta’s Crude Oil, Anyway?

There are some good reasons why Eastern Canadian refineries are hesitant to upgrade their facilities to handle Alberta's oil

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Alberta’s Industrial Heartland

Alberta’s Industrial Heartland is a rapidly growing hub of energy and petrochemical infrastructure worth $30 billion. And, with its renewed push for economic diversification, the provincial government could end up adding billions more.

Commodity Prices

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