Keystone XL-erated: The Most Hated Pipeline in North America is Back

Before the Dakota Access pipeline protests, there was Keystone XL. Now it's back, and suddenly it's finding favor with decision makers everywhere

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No Pipelines, No Peace

Anti-oil activism is growing in North America. Where will that leave Canada’s pipeline plans?

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The $160-Billion Bet on Petrochemicals

Shale NGLs are providing low-cost feedstock for booming ethane and propane industries

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The Red Chamber Reaches Out on Canada's Energy Future

Our interview with Richard Neufeld, Chair of the Senate Committee on Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources

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Will Canada Quit Its Low-Carbon Diet?

The Donald Trump administration threatens to leave progressive energy economies, like Canada's, out in the cold. But how serious is the threat, really?

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Nova Scotia Harnesses the Power of the Sea

The maritime province has fired up a two-megawatt tidal power turbine in the Bay of Fundy


OPINION: How to Upgrade the Electricity Sector in a Changing Market

New technologies have opened the door to private sector products and services that were exclusively handled by utilities in the past

Who Will Feed the Chinese Dragon?

Will China walk away from Canadian energy or double down on its $50 billion investment?

Opinion: Energy Ink

Editor’s Log: The Year of the Carbon Tax

Canada already has one of the world’s cleanest power industries, and by 2030, when the last carbon-spewing coal-fired power plant closes, it will be even cleaner

CIO of the Year: Michael Han

COO of the Year: Myles Bosman

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Alberta’s Industrial Heartland

Alberta’s Industrial Heartland is a rapidly growing hub of energy and petrochemical infrastructure worth $30 billion. And, with its renewed push for economic diversification, the provincial government could end up adding billions more.

Commodity Prices

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