Oil Sands

Is collaboration in the oil sands possible?

COSIA turns two in March 2013, and it has shared more than 560 technologies worth a total of $900 million; the partners are working on 185 joint-industry projects worth $500 million. But it hasn’t revolutionized any one practice or process. More →

Economist Andrew Leach and Kirsten Smith pop the notion of a “bitumen bubble”

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State Department report raises likelihood of “yes” for Keystone XL

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Anti-Keystone ad attempts to paint Canada as Chinese pawn

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Alberta Energy Regulator defers SAGD decisions during technical review

Regulator believes there's a higher risk of seepage in shallow thermal oil sands projects More →

Going global with Alberta’s carbon pricing model

There’s no reason the Commonwealth can’t be a clean energy model for the rest of the world More →

Premier Redford ready for oil sands showdown with former U.S. vice-president Al Gore

Redford vows to defend Alberta's record, if she gets an opportunity to. Here's what you tweeted to @AlbertaOilMag about her chances More →