Essential Oil: December 12, 2014

Alberta Oil's daily roundup of the top energy news and market numbers More →

How OPEC missed the North American shale revolution

"Today, another kind of “oil crisis” is underway – not for the West, but for OPEC. And this latest threat has a name: fracking." More →

Water, emissions figure prominently in IEA gas rules

Five guidelines for shale gas development More →

China to drive non-OECD energy demand

Exxon and the IEA bet on growth in the Middle Kingdom More →

Energy Outlook: What U.S. tight oil means for Alberta

Surge in light oil unlikely to affect dynamics of global supply, IEA says More →

Pipeline constraints could threaten oil sands ambitions

Controversy over expansions introduces a new level of risk More →

A golden age of gas, with one big caveat

Abundant gas could yet undermine demand for renewables More →