Essential Oil: January 13, 2015

Alberta Oil's daily roundup of the top energy news and market numbers More →

C-Suite Energy Executive Awards CIO of the Year: Steve Suche

Once a transaction has been consummated, the hard work is over for most people in the C-Suite. But for CIOs like Canadian Natural’s Steve Suche, it’s only just beginning More →

Alberta Oil’s 2014 Year in Review

Landmark legal decisions, a spate of big deals and an ever-deepening debate about pipelines — the events that defined 2014 for Alberta’s energy sector More →

The Sturgeon refinery and the high cost of value-added

Unexpected costs are eating away at potential returns for the Sturgeon Refinery. So why is it still being built? More →

Doubling down

Oil prices are still slipping. But does the behavior of these two companies suggest a bottom is imminent? More →

About those birds

More than a hundred waterfowl have died after landing on some tailings ponds in northern Alberta. Cue the entirely disproportionate outrage More →