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Carbon Cooperation

The Canada West Foundation’s Trevor McLeod talks about how to harmonize Canada’s various carbon pricing regimes – and why it matters More →

Not-so-hedged funds

Examples of other American hedge funds that have tried – and sometimes failed – on Canadian energy bets More →

Water Works

Companies are piloting a number of technologies that will make SAGD operations cheaper, mostly by cutting water consumption – and maybe even eliminating it entirely More →

Safety first: The OSAA’s Seven Life Saving Rules

Vital tips for maintaining a safe workplace More →

Who Are the Oil Patch’s Most Underpaid Senior Executives? Here Are Four

Executives from Gear Energy, Epsilon Energy, Kelt Exploration and Spartan Energy make the list More →

The Shale Revelation

Why the production growth can’t last – and why Canadian energy companies could be on the verge of a new golden age More →

The Energy Services Breakfast Podcast: Chris McKerrall

The Energy Services Breakfast is brought to you by MNP and Shaw Business More →