Alberta Oil’s 2014 Energy Industry Career Guide

A Canada-wide list of programs for the new age of energy development More →

Alberta Oil’s 2014 Human Resources Guide

A strategic guide for employers facing labor market challenges More →

Beware of Mercenaries

47 per cent of HR managers agreed that their companies’ perks and incentives program had successfully attracted talent away from their competitors More →

Labor, Labor, Labor

Asked what keeps him awake at night, the president and CEO of the Petroleum Services Association of Canada, Mark Salkeld, says, “Labor, labor and labor.” More →

Digital Directions: Recruiting talent online

In a few short years, Internet recruiting has dramatically changed the way HR staff in the oil patch find and attract talent More →

New (Stock) Options

Few companies set aside stock options for employees anymore More →

Long Distance Relationships

Recruiting and retaining employees at satellite offices can be a major headache More →