Questerre Energy tries to reverse public opinion on hydraulic fracturing in Quebec

CEO Michael Binnion’s work may have only just begun

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Why junior oil and gas companies still struggle to find cash

For juniors today, capital is expensive and equity financing difficult to access

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Of Politics and Pipelines

Since when did the oil sands debate revolve around infrastructure firms?

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How the oil sands industry is benefiting companies based in other parts of Canada

Forget Dutch disease. Alberta’s oil sands are becoming a nationwide industry

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Why is a Rhode Island design team attempting to rebrand Fort McMurray?

Nexus North has outlined some lofty goals for Fort McMurray. Can the project deliver?

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Production companies like MEG Energy could be rewarded for investing in oil storage

Very few oil sands production companies choose to own their own storage, creating a physical hedge against oil price fluctuations, and the fluctuating demand for terminal space. Why not?

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