Energy Ink

Conditional Love

Another five conditions on energy development, this time on fracking in Eastern Canada More →

Stephen Harper changes his tune on carbon pricing

Why that might be good news for the energy sector - and why it ought to be open to the idea itself More →

Parsing the Petronas pause

What's really behind the company's decision to postpone FID? More →

The Big Picture

December is the month to take a step back and reflect on the big picture of what we do as an energy publication More →

Another stalled biofuels mandate

The Environmental Protection Agency is again expected to reduce its ethanol mandate, bringing into question the U.S.'s appetite for raising gasoline blends More →

And you thought Burnaby Mountain was bad

If recent events are any indication, the fight to stop new pipelines from being built could be just as furious in Quebec More →

Reason over passion

In the ongoing battle over pipeline projects in Canada, evidence has taken a back seat to emotion. How two business magazines are trying to fix that - and how you can help them out More →