Energy Ink

The Energy Ink Podcast: Pipeline politics and “The 200” biggest O&G producers, midstreamers and service companies

Alberta Oil magazine editors Max Fawcett and Todd Coyne are back with host Jim Kerr to discuss the June issue, the latest in energy news and “The 200” list of Canada’s biggest oil and gas producers, midstreamers and service companies More →

Parsing the Dutch decision

A court in the Netherlands ruled that its government must act more decisively on climate change. Does that set a precedent for other jurisdictions - including Canada? More →

Why the moral case for fossil fuels isn’t one we should make

Alex Epstein's ideas found a receptive audience in Calgary last week. Here's why you shouldn't be a part of it More →

Saudi Arabia doubles down

Citigroup thinks the Saudis are trying to push out as much oil as they possibly can right now - but why? More →

The sum of all fears

The appointment of Marg McCuaig-Boyd as Alberta's new energy minister was a yellow flag for industry when it came to how the NDP would address their concerns. But her new chief of staff is a red flag - and a big one, too More →

Alberta Oil at #GPS15: 3 Questions for Katch Kan

A 20-year-old company hopes it can win back some of the market share it has lost since oil prices fell More →

Alberta Oil at #GPS15: 3 Questions with GroundForce geoDrilling Solutions

A rig manager talks about working on a drilling rig that is nearly fully autonomous More →