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Talisman Energy confirms Repsol takeover rumours

Spanish integrated energy company in talks to purchase Talisman Energy, but likely won't need to pass Industry Canada's net benefit assessment More →

The Davids and Goliaths of Energy

Environmentalists use religious tactics in fighting big oil More →

The origins of the term “responsible development”

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Podcast: MNP’s David Yager on succeeding in a cyclical business

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Enbridge gets federal approval for Northern Gateway, First Nations threaten court action

CEO Al Monaco quick to describe the National Energy Board approval as one step in the process More →

Innovation is needed to solve new energy problems

Today Canadian oil and gas companies are all engaged in a never-ending contest to find more efficient, safer and less costly ways of finding, producing, processing and transporting product. More →

Alberta Oil at LNG in BC Conference

Guest Blogger Barry Munro recaps the discussion on British Columbia’s LNG in the global market More →