Energy Ink

Much ado about nothing

Yes, the United States Senate is voting on the House bill that would approve the construction of Keystone XL. But no, it's not where the project's fate will be determined - not even close More →

Doubling down

Oil prices are still slipping. But does the behavior of these two companies suggest a bottom is imminent? More →

About those birds

More than a hundred waterfowl have died after landing on some tailings ponds in northern Alberta. Cue the entirely disproportionate outrage More →

Refined products, unrefined thinking

Insecurities from Canada‚Äôs colonial past may tempt governments to support mega-projects of dubious value More →


Global crude prices are down - again. Here's what's moving the market this time More →

Canada’s pipeline debate moves East

As TransCanada executives made their way to Eastern Canada to announce Energy East's official application, skepticism followed More →

No guts, no glory

Turmoil, schmurmoil - the leadership team at Seven Generations decides to go ahead with its IPO despite rocky energy markets More →