Energy Ink

Another stalled biofuels mandate

The Environmental Protection Agency is again expected to reduce its ethanol mandate, bringing into question the U.S.'s appetite for raising gasoline blends More →

And you thought Burnaby Mountain was bad

If recent events are any indication, the fight to stop new pipelines from being built could be just as furious in Quebec More →

Reason over passion

In the ongoing battle over pipeline projects in Canada, evidence has taken a back seat to emotion. How two business magazines are trying to fix that - and how you can help them out More →

Good news, bad news

For those hoping to see Canadian oil exported off the coasts, it was a tough week. But for those looking to export gas, things looked far more encouraging More →

Much ado about nothing

Yes, the United States Senate is voting on the House bill that would approve the construction of Keystone XL. But no, it's not where the project's fate will be determined - not even close More →

Doubling down

Oil prices are still slipping. But does the behavior of these two companies suggest a bottom is imminent? More →

About those birds

More than a hundred waterfowl have died after landing on some tailings ponds in northern Alberta. Cue the entirely disproportionate outrage More →