Energy Ink

The big three

The NDP government announced the three people who will, along with panel chair and ATB CEO Dave Mowat, be charged with assessing Alberta's royalty structure and making recommendations about how to improve it. Find out who they are and why industry should be encouraged about what lies ahead for them More →

Why now is the perfect time for a royalty review

Sure, a royalty review conducted by an NDP government with oil at $40 per barrel might sound like a recipe for disaster. But just imagine what it would look like if crude was trading above $100 More →

The energy sector: not like the auto industry

One of them asks for bailouts and government subsidies whenever times get tough. The other doesn't - and still gets accused of being subsidized More →

Once bitten, twice shy

Did you kick yourself for passing on some buying opportunities during the Great Financial Crisis? Well, here's your chance to redeem yourself. Why the fundamental picture for oil isn't as bad as some are saying, and why it could get a lot better in a hurry More →

The Energy Ink Podcast: The Women in Energy Edition

Tune in for discussion on Alberta’s climate change advisory panel, Shell’s Arctic gamble and why the energy industry needs more women More →

The beginning of the end, or just the end of the beginning?

With oil prices dropping and differentials widening, Canadian producers are feeling the pinch. And with OPEC pumping out record volumes of crude, it looks as though the war for market share - the biggest pinch of all - may have only just begun More →

The energy sector needs more women

Female voices at the executive and board level are still too few in number and too far between More →