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Return on Investment

One of Suncor’s key executives reflect back on the program that helped get him there More →

What can energy service companies learn from behavioral scientists and Balinese monkey hunters? More than you’d think

Running a service company in a challenging environment is something that Pat Ross, the CEO of Hyduke Energy Services, knows a thing or two about. Read our Q&A with him, then listen to the full conversation More →

Another inconvenient truth

The fuel spill spreading across English Bay in Vancouver (and throughout social media) today isn't going to help the energy sector's prospects of getting pipelines built on the west coast. Why Stephen Harper bears direct responsibility for it - and the inevitable fallout More →

Anti-pipeline and anti-vaccination campaigns share more than you think

When it comes to the energy sector’s future - and yours - talk is anything but cheap More →

The tipping point

Nope, it's not an April Fools' Day prank: crude production coming out of the United States actually decreased last week. There's more good news, too More →

The Energy Ink Podcast: Episode 3

Listen to find out who you voted in as Canada's Top Energy Innovator for 2015 More →

Bring out the bears

Crude prices may be enjoying a recent rally, but some analysts still think the worst is yet to come More →