Energy Ink

The Energy Ink Podcast: Episode 5

Maclean's magazine's Colby Cosh and Mackenzie Scrimshaw of stop by to discuss the impact of Rachel Notley's NDP winning Alberta's recent provincial election More →

The royalty litmus test

We don't know yet what shape the promised royalty review will take in Alberta. But we'd better hope it doesn't look depend on a recent fact sheet published by the Parkland Institute More →

Reading between the lines on OPEC and Petronas

OPEC thinks oil prices will stay down. The Lax Kw’alaams seem prepared to reject Pacific NorthWest LNG's olive branch. But how much stock should we put in that? More →

Unconventional Oil

How Rachel Notley could appease the energy sector and strengthen her cabinet with one bold move   More →

Keep calm and carry on

Why the new Notley government isn't likely to start a war with the energy sector More →

First Nations, the law and the importance of listening

And why asking the right questions will always produce better answers More →

Shock and awe

Why Pacific NorthWest LNG's whopper of an offer could be a turning point for the energy sector's interactions with First Nations in British Columbia More →