Energy Ink

The Energy Ink Podcast: The Dave Mowat Interview

Listen as Todd Coyne sits down with the chair of the Alberta government’s resource royalty review panel More →

Spin City

The Vancouver Observer seems to think that energy companies making political donations in British Columbia is newsworthy - and maybe even scandalous. Here's why that's a mistake More →

The Energy Ink Podcast: The Dead Duck, Debt Reckoning Edition

Did the media overreact to the dead duck at the Nexen site? More →

The Rebel Sell

At the recent meeting of the Council of the Federation, Alberta's Rachel Notley took a conspicuously conciliatory approach to pitching pipeline projects. It might just work, too More →

The Energy Ink Podcast: Our panel of energy heavy-hitters talks shop at “The 200″

Listen in as Marcel Coutu, Jim Gray, Chris Seasons and Michael J. Tims participate in a discussion led by CAPP’s Tim McMillan More →

Strategy Session

Are Canada’s premiers about to strike a deal on a Canadian Energy Strategy? More importantly, does it really matter if they do? More →

An Alberta Carbon Tax and the Fallacy of Supply-side Environmentalism

For years, the energy sector has been getting outflanked by eco-activists. Why a carbon tax could be a way to turn the tables More →