The 100: Canada’s top-performing oil and gas firms (2011)

A rundown of the country's biggest companies by revenue, net income and production

June 01, 2011

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5 Responses to “The 100: Canada’s top-performing oil and gas firms (2011)”

  1. Muharrem says:

    Production data without majors and private companies is not of much value.

    • Darren Campbell says:

      Thanks for your comment Muharrem. We didn’t total up the top 10 international companies with Canadian outlets as we did last year. We’re always looking at ways to improve the list and comments like yours certainly gives us food for thought for 2012’s list.

  2. Katalin Nyizsnyoszki says:

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    We would like to apply for jobs in Fort McMurray in the oil industry. We are from Hungary, but currently we are working at the CHEVRON
    Refinery in Tengiz, Kazakhstan, for a local company.

    The four of us, applying now, have been working
    together for several years now.

    The 4 people are the following:

    Peter Kamhoffer – qualification: pipefitter,
    fluent in English (speaks, reads, writes in English).

    Bela Budai – qualification: fitter. Has some English: has been
    learning it for months now, and is very motivated to learn.

    Sandor Molnar – qualification: fitter.
    Has started learning English, and is very motivated to learn.

    Laszló Szotak – qualification:
    painter. Has started learning English, and is very motivated to learn.

    Our jobs in the refinery include:

    – assembling
    structural steel

    – maintaining, repairing and replacing







    – hydro tests

    – painting

    – all kinds of maintenance jobs in the oil

    We believe we could be assets in Fort McMurray. Should you need further information, please
    contact us on the above e-mail address.

    I look forward to your reply.

    Yours faithfully,

    Bela Budai

  3. Bria says:

    Which oil and gas companies are more likely to hire graduating students for their practicum?

  4. Val Valiant Five says:

    The future will curse this list of Corps, Incs, and Ltds, these abbreviated agents of the Age of Greed – You destroyers of our children’s world. You terrible, thoughtless, useless things.

    May you realize what you have done before all the screens go dark.