Oilwell Drillers' Association President Remembers Life Before Energy Politics

Mark Scholz helped found the precursor to the Wildrose Party and went on to found the CAODC's “Oil Respect” campaign

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Who's Afraid of the Activist Shareholder?

Oil industry firms are poised to follow Transcanada, Enbridge and Suncor towards internal transparency. That could be good for their bottom lines.

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These Energy Companies Are Engaging with Aboriginal Communities the Right Way

The co-operation is doing wonders for both sides of the trade

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The Inside Story of How Oil Sands Firms Fought the Fort McMurray Wildfires

When it comes to community safety, fiercely competitive oil sands operators have proven they can be selfless collaborators too

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Suncor’s Asset Base Soars After Buying Up Competitors’ Oil Sands Properties

The company's buying spree and lowered operating costs are paying dividends

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BDO Canada Limited In Its Capacity As Trustee In Bankruptcy For Geotir Inc.

Invitation for offers for 389,000 Oak Point shares to be sold en bloc or in 1,000 share parcels

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Battershill: I Agree With Trudeau’s ‘All-of-the-Above’ Energy Plan

To make progess with oil, renewables and ethical trade, we need pragmatism and problem solving

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Green Light For Oil Sands Developments

Government gives thumbs up for new developments, but operators hold back for now

Here’s Where the Next Barrels of Alberta Oil Sands Production Will Come From

Within the next two to five years, oil sands production will ramp up significantly considering the lack of capital expenditures in recent years

This is One of the Most Efficient Energy Sources Out There. So What’s Holding it Back?

Ramped up to its full potential in the oil sands, cogeneration could be an environmental game changer

Enbridge buys Spectra Energy for $37 billion

The move creates North America’s biggest energy infrastructure company

What Would Brian Jean Do?

We asked the Wildrose leader about the Alberta NDP's policies on energy and the environment. Here's what he would do differently

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Alberta’s Industrial Heartland

Alberta’s Industrial Heartland is a rapidly growing hub of energy and petrochemical infrastructure worth $30 billion. And, with its renewed push for economic diversification, the provincial government could end up adding billions more.

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Green Light For Oil Sands Developments

Government gives thumbs up for new developments, but operators hold back for now

We All Want Accessible Energy and Clean Water and Air

Canada can have pride and respect in all our energy development

Feds Push on With Pipelines

Despite the NEB cancelling Energy East Montreal hearings, government says it will stick to project decision deadlines

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