The Solar Impulse 2 Is Making The Future Safe For Solar-Powered Flight

Solar-powered aviation is light-years ahead of where it was just a decade ago

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The Tide Piper: Canada's Pipeline Association Head Opens Up

With three major Canadian pipeline proposals on the table, the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association CEO Chris Bloomer is a busy man

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This Is The New HR Department

Rethinking this often-underused part of the company can deliver real dividends, even in a downturn

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Unpacking The Other Prairie Powerhouse

Undervalued and often overlooked, Saskatchewan is a force to be reckoned with in North Americanenergy production. Here's why

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Shipping 'Neatbit' By Rail Could Be The Answer We're Looking For. So Why Aren't We Looking At It?

It's cheap, it's safe and it's practically harmless if spilled. So why isn't raw bitumen-by-rail gaining more traction with industry and government?

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The Energy Ink Podcast: The No-Hope OPEC Edition

Alberta Oil magazine editors Nick Wilson and Todd Coyne discuss OPEC’s rumored “production freeze” in September, the troubles facing the Christy Clark government over its LNG plans, and a new oil sands tailings technology. Plus, this episode features an exclusive interview with Williams Energy Canada president David Chappell on the eve of the company’s sale to Inter Pipeline.

DEALMAKERS: NEB Greenlights TransCanada’s NGTL System Expansion

A rare bit of good news for the ailing natural gas industry

Field Upgrading Finds Salt-Of-The-Earth Solution To Oilsands Upgrading

CEO Neil Camarta is piloting a sodium processing solution in Fort Saskatchewan

When It Comes To The Pursuit Of Workplace Happiness, The Energy Industry Is (Still) Winning

Energy layoffs and job insecurity still prevail. But new data show that Canada's oil and gas workers are among the happiest in the country, especially in Alberta

Coal: Saskatchewan’s Other Black Gold

To much of the world, coal is already the fossil fuel of the past. But Saskatchewan isn't giving up on it yet—and it believes burying the evidence might be the answer

How A Young Cenovus Tech Specialist Is Taking On The Industry’s Biggest Challenges

Anamika Mukherjee has gained a reputation as someone who sees the big picture that the fossil fuel industry often misses

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Alberta’s Industrial Heartland

Alberta’s Industrial Heartland is a rapidly growing hub of energy and petrochemical infrastructure worth $30 billion. And, with its renewed push for economic diversification, the provincial government could end up adding billions more.

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Saudis Drop Oil Prices to Clobber Iran

Saudi Arabia has lowered oil prices to undermine its archrival Iran, which is ramping up production

EDITORIAL: The Time of Gas

Natural gas has been hit hard. But the time is near when its demand—and its price—will rise to new heights

The Husky Pipeline Fallout Just Got Worse

Long-distance pipeline operators employ the “10-minute rule”—on discovering an anomaly that can’t be explained within ten-minutes, the section pipeline is isolated. If only Husky did the same.

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